Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Alan Shoopak

Dr. Alan Shoopak is a passionate and experienced orthodontist dedicated to making people smile every day. With a career spanning more than 35 years, Dr. Shoopak is honored to contribute to the field of dentistry, where he brings forth orthodontic excellence to enhance the lives of his patients, enabling them to smile confidently. Dr. Shoopak owns and manages over 30 Orthodontic practices throughout Florida.

Dr. Shoopak's journey in dentistry began at Tufts School of Dental Medicine, where he earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree in 1982. Recognizing the transformative power of orthodontics, he furthered his education at Tufts, obtaining an Orthodontic Certificate in 1984. Since then, Dr. Shoopak has remained committed to staying at the forefront of his field, engaging in over 20 hours of continuing education each year. This dedication to ongoing learning allows him to incorporate the latest advancements and techniques into his practice, ensuring that his patients receive the highest standard of care.

As a proud member of esteemed professional organizations, including the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, Southern Association of Orthodontists, and Florida Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Shoopak demonstrates his commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional excellence.

Beyond the clinic, Dr. Shoopak finds joy in his roles as a husband and father. He shares his life with his wife and four children, two boys and two girls, as well as their beloved pets – a dog, cats, and fish.

Dr. Shoopak's warmth and dedication extend not only to his professional pursuits but also to creating a nurturing and supportive family environment. His multifaceted approach to life and dentistry reflects a genuine passion for bringing smiles to both his patients and his own family.


Dr Buchman

Dr. Dennis Buchman

Dr. Buchman is a co-founder of Orthodontic Specialists of Florida alongside Dr. Alan Shoopak. Together, they have managed Orthodontic Specialists of Florida for over 35 years.

Dr. Buchman received his Dental degree from the prestigious University of Florida. He then attended West Virginia University, where he obtained his Orthodontic Certificate and a Master of Science degree.

His business accomplishments include Executive Vice President of Orthodontic Centers of America, Business Director of A&D Orthodontic Management Corporation, and Chairman of the Acquisition Committee of the Board of Directors of Sebring Software, Inc.

He has always been dedicated to making his patients ‘smile,’ and is known for his caring, jovial, and professional acumen.



Dr. Aaron Shoopak

Dr. Aaron Shoopak takes immense pride in his ability to transform lives by enhancing smiles. Since joining Orthodontic Specialists of Florida in 2016, Dr. Shoopak has been dedicated to increasing his patients' confidence, boosting their self-esteem, and helping them achieve their aspirations. Growing up around his father's orthodontic practice, Dr. Shoopak developed an early fascination with orthodontics, laying the foundation for his decision to follow in his father's footsteps.

Dr. Shoopak earned his Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Microbiology from the University of Central Florida in 2010, setting the stage for his dental career. Driven by a desire to make a direct impact on patients' lives, he went on to attain his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2014. Recognizing the transformative potential of orthodontics, he pursued further specialization, obtaining a certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Tufts in 2016.

Dr. Shoopak's dedication to providing the best possible care is evident in his commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements. He continually embraces cutting-edge technology and methodology to ensure that his patients receive the most efficient and comfortable orthodontic treatment. As a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, Southern Association of Orthodontists, and Florida Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Shoopak aligns himself with the highest standards of his field.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Shoopak finds joy and fulfillment in his family life. His wife, Dr. Anna Shoopak, is a general dentist in St. Petersburg, and their almost three-year-old daughter, Ava, brings an abundance of joy to their lives with her love for art, dancing, and singing.

Dr. Shoopak's holistic approach to orthodontics reflects not only his professional commitment but also his dedication to creating positive transformations both inside and outside the dental office.



Dr. Ioan Palacios

Dr. Ioan Palacios attained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Universidad Americana in Managua, Nicaragua, followed by three years of residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry from the University of Connecticut. After a few successful years in private practice, he completed an intense three-year specialty residency at the University of Connecticut, where he received extensive training in contemporary orthodontic treatments, leading to a Master’s degree in dental science with a focus on Orthodontics, as well as a specialized diploma in postgraduate Orthodontics. 

Dr. Palacios is knowledgeable in treatments of both children's and adults’ orthodontic problems. His philosophy is achieving the best results and performing at fullest potential at all times. Dr. Palacios believes that every case needs to be treated in a unique way and patients need to have a great experience during the course of orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Palacios maintains his status of specialist in good standing; In addition to the prestigious membership to the American Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Palacios is an active member of numerous dental organizations, including the Florida Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, as well as local and regional dental associations. 

Dr. Palacios’s philosophy is that every case needs to be treated in a unique way and patients need to have a great experience during the course of orthodontic treatment. His skills include early orthodontic treatment for children; adult orthodontics; combined orthodontic surgery/orthodontic treatment to enhance facial esthetics, and application of Invisalign.

Dr. Palacios is dedicated to being at the forefront of the most recent advancements in orthodontics to provide his patients with the highest quality treatments and outstanding personalized care in a friendly welcoming environment through his top-notch knowledge and skills. He likes to run and swim, he also enjoys movies, photography, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Through a combination of education, practical experience, and dedication to lifelong learning, Dr. Palacios has achieved the knowledge necessary to create perfect smiles for all his patients. Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Palacios holds a breadth and depth of knowledge that facilitates great orthodontics.



Dr. Piero Palacios

Dr. Palacios is originally from Nicaragua. He graduated from the University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington Connecticut, from where he received a Master's in Dental Science and a Graduate Certificate in Orthodontics, as well as an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) certificate. His education in the principles of biomechanics and straight wire technique has honed his skills in diagnosis and treatment planning of surgical and multi-disciplinary cases. He received a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS) and a bachelor of science (BS) degree, from the University of Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala.

Dr. Palacio's studies have received numerous recognitions, he performed as chief resident while he was at UConn and his cases have been published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. He is an Invisalign® premier provider and a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, Florida Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

In his leisure time, he enjoys running and traveling with his wife Katalina.



Dr. Jason Barlock

Dr. Jason Barlock has a passion for creating joy and confidence through beautiful smiles. With more than 21 years of experience, he has become a trusted expert in the field of dentistry, specializing in orthodontics.

Dr. Barlock's academic journey began at Miami University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. His commitment to excellence in dental care led him to Nova Southeastern University, where he achieved his Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Understanding the transformative power of a radiant smile, Dr. Barlock furthered his education at Jacksonville University, obtaining a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Orthodontics.

As a testament to his commitment to staying at the forefront of his field, Dr. Barlock is an active member of several prestigious professional organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, Southern Association of Orthodontists, and the Florida Association of Orthodontists.

Originally from Dover, OH, Dr. Barlock now calls Naples, FL, home. With his wife, ten-year-old son, and two lovable dogs, he finds immense joy in family life. Dr. Barlock's free time is spent on the water or enthusiastically supporting his son at sports practices.



Dr. Justin Chisari

Dr. Justin Chisari is focused on providing the highest quality care to all of his patients in a relaxed, family friendly environment. He is passionate about making sure his patients have the best possible orthodontic experience and is committed to excellence. He also believes in educating his patients and communicating all of the aspects involved with their orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Chisari is an orthodontist graduate of the University of Florida College of Dentistry, where he received his dental degree, as well as his specialty certificate in orthodontics and Master’s degree in Dental Science. During his residency, he received training in the treatment of children, teens, and adults using many different orthodontic methods, types of braces, and oral appliances. Additionally, he received certification in Invisalign® clear aligner treatment. Dr. Chisari was honored with being selected chief resident by his faculty and peers in his final year of residency. He has been practicing orthodontics for more than ten years.

As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Chisari is an active member of the following organizations:

Dr. Chisari understands that orthodontics is a changing field, with new research and techniques being developed all the time. To provide the best and most innovative care available, he attends orthodontic conferences and continuing education courses every year throughout the country.

In his spare time, he enjoys being with his wife Sherri and their two children, Addison and Grayson, as well as his two German shorthaired pointers.



Dr. Micheline Sa

It is with excitement that we introduce Dr. Micheline Sa as our new attending orthodontist. Please join us in welcoming her to our practice. Dr. Sa will be responsible for continuing the treatment of all our patients. She is excited to get started and welcomes the opportunity of meeting everyone. 

Dr. Sa is a dentist originally from Brazil and moved to the U.S. in 2013. She graduated from the State University of Pernambuco/Brazil and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2002. She received her Certificate in Orthodontics from the Military General Hospital of Pernambuco/Brazil in 2008, and in 2012, she received training in Advanced Orthodontics for Specialists at the Orthodontic Brazilian Association. Dr. Sa procured her Residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry in Rochester, NY, in 2020, contributing to a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to the treatment of her patients. 

Dr. Sa is very committed to providing excellent treatment to her patients. She delivers a humanized treatment approach exuding kindness, and feels empathy is crucial to building trust and creating a great environment resulting in successful outcomes.

Dr. Sa speaks Portuguese, English, and intermediate Spanish. She is a very social person and loves to spend her spare time in gatherings with family and friends. She loves having barbecues at her home, where she prepares wonderful Brazilian meals. She also loves traveling and dancing.



Dr. Augusto Darwin

Dr. Darwin grew up in Fortaleza, Brazil. He earned his degree in Dentistry at the Federal University of Ceara in 1994, and then specialized in Pediatric Dentistry in Sao Paulo. He later received his degree in Orthodontics from the Brazilian Dental Association. He received his Master’s degree and Ph.D. from the Federal University of Ceara in 2008 and 2018. Dr. Darwin was the coordinator of the orthodontic specialty program at the Fortaleza Hospital, Ceara, and Faculty at two renowned universities in Fortaleza: UNIFOR and UNIFAMETRO.

He moved to Rochester, NY, in 2019 and finished his AEGD Residency Program in 2021. With his experience, he became proficient in many contemporary orthodontic techniques, including Invisalign for treating children, teens, and adults. Dr. Darwin strives to provide exceptional orthodontic treatment most efficiently and enjoyably for his patients. 

In his free time, Dr. Darwin enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He also enjoys playing soccer and watching movies. 


Dr Smith

Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 2016 with a B.A. in Biology. She received her D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2020. She received a Certificate in Orthodontics and a Master of Science in Dentistry from Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics in 2022. During her residency, Dr. Smith became proficient in many contemporary orthodontic techniques and received Invisalign Fundamentals Certification through an advanced training Aligner Intensive Fellowship program. After her residency, she achieved board certification and became a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Smith strives to provide exceptional orthodontic treatment that is most efficient and enjoyable for her patients. In her free time, Dr. Smith enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves running, painting, and going to the beach.


Dr Toby

Dr. Toby

Dr. Toby attended the University of Michigan, earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and completing his three-year orthodontic residency - receiving his Master of Science degree in Orthodontics. Dr. Toby has years of orthodontic experience and has treated thousands of patients, focusing on giving each one an outstanding outcome in a pleasant environment. He has expertise in all aspects of contemporary orthodontic treatment, including comprehensive treatment for teens and adults, early interceptive treatment for children, and Invisalign®. Raised in Michigan, Dr. Toby and his wife Ann have two children and a dog that keep them very busy at home. That means a lot of soccer and piano lessons. He also enjoys football, beach days, and traveling.