Thinking about DIY braces? Read this first.

Do Yourself a Favor and Don’t “Do it Yourself Braces”
By Alan D. Shoopak, D.M.D.

You read that correctly. There are companies out there that are selling products and services that enable unsuspecting patients to “Do it Yourself” or “DIY” braces at home. As a medical professional with over 30-year years of practice experience, let me be very specific as to WHY this DIY is a very, very bad idea. In a day when apps seem to fix everything with a touch of a smartphone, straightening teeth is not something you want take lightly. There is a reason the average Orthodontist has over 10 years of education and training, in addition to multiple years of real-patient practice. Straightening teeth safely, correctly and effectively takes a special professional—your neighborhood Orthodontist.

Dr. Shoopak’s Reasons Why DIY Braces is a bad idea:

-If you move teeth inappropriately you can severely damage the bone and soft tissue that can lead to gum disease and tooth loss.

-Your home space is not regulated by the Department of Health, nor equipped and maintained by trained medical professionals and technicians to perform the necessary procedures.

-By law, Certified Orthodontic Technicians aren’t even allowed to place Orthodontic brackets into your mouth without direct supervision of a licensed dentist.

-Without proper training and real world experience the impression material can be aspirated into the lungs and be lethal.

-The molds needed to determine what adjustments your teeth might need with the use of braces, wires etc. are only “usable” if they obtain all of the soft tissue and teeth surfaces. Only a trained technician would know what a proper and “usable” impression is.

-Bad impressions could lead to improvements that will cause an irregular bite, and result in irregular or “uneven wearing of teeth”. This can also affect speech and chewing.

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