“Smile, You’re Hired”

Orthodontic Specialists of Florida’s “Smile, You’re Hired” campaign was extended to all of their 33 offices in the state of Florida by offering Invisalign for $199 per-month, to adults looking to reenter the job market in 2011, with a new smile and first-impression during the interview process.

“We decided to test market ‘Smile, You’re Hired’ in Tampa, only because we wanted to tread lightly on the issue of employment in the state of Florida, but what we’ve found is that almost 60 percent of our patients to date are adult patients who are seeking reemployment in 2011, and are looking for an affordable monthly payment, and discreet way to improve their smile,” said Alan D. Shoopak, D.M.D., founder and owner of OSOF. “My staff and I are seeing a steady flow of these types of new patients on a weekly basis, and we feel the greatest reward when someone stops back in from our ‘Smile, You’re Hired’ program, and they’ve recently landed a job.”

As reported in Tampa by WTSP’s Kathryn Bursch, a CBS affiliate, the number of adults coming into Orthodontic Specialists of Florida to improve their smile, thereby improving their impression during interviews, as America goes back to work in 2011 is increasing, and will hopefully continue to do so as this program is now extended throughout the state.

“We want to encourage others to chip in as well, and help America get back to work in 2011, even if it’s just 50% off neckties by a department store, or an individual helping a job seeking friend with a resume,” added Shoopak.

Smiling is possibly the interview skill most persuasive to employers, yet most overlooked by applicants. Take it from someone who has interviewed hundreds of people for jobs at my offices throughout Florida. The best advice I can give is, “don’t forget to smile.” Even the normal stress that comes with an important job interview can make us look tired, nervous and defeated if worn on our faces. But separate studies have shown that smiling is a universal sign of happiness, and that happy people are more attractive to others. It’s true. And when you smile, you also influence the mood of those around you. That’s why smiles are contagious. They’re also good for you. According to Dr. Mark Stibich, a smiling PhD in health behavior from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, smiling relieves stress, boost your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, releases endorphins and even makes you appear younger. That’s worth smiling about. For all these reasons, as an employer, I value positive, resilient people who handle stress with aplomb and bring the benefits of positivity to the workplace. So, smile.