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We took questions from existing- and soon-to-be- patients on our Orthodontic Specialists of Florida Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions, and the answers from our founder, Alan Shoopak, D.M.D.

Q: What new technology are you using that has changed the industry in recent years?

A: Our offices are constantly integrating new technology to our treatment plans, but the two that come immediately to mind are:

  • New Nickel Titanium wires that allow for a more gentle, continuous force on the teeth and reduces discomfort and overall treatment time.
  • Invisalign, which is removable Orthodontic appliance, allows for the movement of teeth with a removable device which reduces the need for wires, brackets etc.

Q: How is working with children different than working with adults?

A: Besides the obvious differences in dental hygiene knowledge, treating children allows us to use the childs growth pattern to enhance the result of our treatment.

Q: Can orthodontic correction occur while a child has baby teeth?

A: Some treatment can be provided while a child still presents with baby teeth. This treatment

is mostly limited to attack a specific problem or habit. Full Orthodontic treatment requires that all the baby teeth are out.

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About Alan D. Shoopak, D.M.D.

Dr. Shoopak is the founder of Orthodontic Specialists of Florida and Dental Specialists of Florida, a statewide group of Dentistry and Orthodontic centers treating children, adults and seniors. He attended the University of Tampa, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston in 1982, and earned his Orthodontic Certificate in 1984. Dr. Shoopak is a member of the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, the Southern Association of Orthodontists and the Florida Association of Orthodontists, as well as other local, regional and national Dental Associations. He is also the creator of Shoo Goo™ Soothing Gel for Teeth & Gums.