What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces that use aligners to correct your bite and straighten your teeth.

About Invisalign®

Uses a series of aligners to help you have straighter teeth and a proper bite. The aligners are made of a smooth, transparent plastic that is practically invisible, so people do not even know that you are wearing them. Like traditional braces, the Invisalign® system slowly shifts your teeth into a proper position. You wear each aligner for approximately two weeks and then put in a new aligner. Because the aligners are removable, you are able to brush and floss your teeth more easily than with traditional braces.

Is Invisalign® Right for Me?

Invisalign® is an effective treatment in cases that would normally benefit from traditional braces, including mild to more difficult orthodontic needs. Invisalign® works for crooked teeth, protruding teeth, overbites, and underbites. Your orthodontist may recommend Invisalign® if your mouth is too sensitive for the brackets and wires of traditional braces or if you simply prefer to wear transparent aligners instead of braces.

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