Dr. Hodge Retires


Our own Dr. Hodge (Pete) retired January 30, 2016 after giving over 20-years of undeniable, dedicated, selfless-service to Orthodontic Specialists of Florida.

Very rarely does a doctor come along that gives so much to his patients and staff, and asks for so little in return. But this is Dr. Hodge for those who know him. For years he has created beautiful smiles across Tampa Bay, and doing so with his great expertise. When Dr. Hodge joined our orthodontic group over 20 years ago, we did not have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or even a YouTube channel. I am certain we did not have our patients posting photos to an Instagram account in order to showcase the great work our specialists like Dr. Hodge did for them. I am also pretty sure we did not use State-of-Art equipment like Digital Imagery and space age Nickel Titanium wires. And though we did not have all of these technologies and tools to connect with patients, Dr. Hodge seemed to be ahead of his time. Dr. Hodge always genuinely connected with his staff and community, delivering outstanding care at all times, and making positive, lasting changes for his patients and the practice. When you graduate from Dental and Orthodontics school, you often think about the career you will have—and sometimes, you begin to pen it like a novel. Dr. Hodge has written his own career, and with a cast of characters that include lifelong ‘practice-mates’, associates or friends like myself, I am not sure it could have been scripted better.

Dr. Hodge, thank you for you unwavering professional service, dedication and friendship to all of us at Orthodontic Specialists of Florida. Keep smiling, and keep making others smile as you have done for over 20 years.

— Dr. Alan Shoopak