You Big Bully!

BullyThere is no doubt that bullying is a problem in U.S. schools, but just how much of a problem is it? The latest bullying statistics 2014 reflect bullying in “real life,” as well as cyber bullying. The numbers are both shocking and disheartening.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) anti-bullying website,, bullying is defined as “intentionally aggressive, usually repeated” verbal, social, or physical behavior aimed at a specific person or group of people. And recent news stories abound where the target is harassed through social media or other.  The majority of bullying still takes place at school; 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school, according to the DHHS.

Most of the student in the study reported name calling as the most prevalent type of bullying, followed by teasing, rumor-spreading, physical incidents, purposeful isolation, threats, belongings being stolen, and sexual harassment.

A simple message, such as ‘Bullying is not tolerated,’ is not likely to be very effective, and effective anti-bullying programs need to focus on the bystanders, who can step in and stop the behavior. (more…)

July Newsletter

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Submit Your Smile NOW!

It’s finally started! The Smile contest is now in full gear and we are ready for your submissions. Contest submissions are open to all current and past patients of the Orthodontic Specialists of Florida.

This is your chance to win a $500 gift card, a free photo shoot and to become the next face of the Orthodontic Specialists of Florida!*

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*Rules and restrictions apply. 

May Newsletter

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Buy Sonicare at one of our Locations!

Buy Sonicare through your orthodontist and save! Through the Orthodontic Specialists of Florida you can save up to 40% off of retail prices.

Need a mothers day gift? Brighten her smile with a Sonicare toothbrush!

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Tax Deduction: Clarinet Lessons?

Clarinet player

There are many new medical tax deductions this year. Did you know a clarinet and lessons can be considered tax deductible if a doctor has recommended playing the instrument as a method of correcting an overbite?

This isn’t the only strange medical write-off, however, others include support stockings, wigs for those who have lost hair due to a disease, and many more, according to IRS publication 502.

Not tax deductible: earplugs for parents of children taking clarinet lessons.

Keep in mind, braces are allowed as a deduction, however, you can deduct only the part of your medical and dental expenses that exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) (7.5% if either you or your spouse was born before January 2, 1949).

Make the most out of your tax return this year by taking advantage of our $500 down payment match! You put down $500 and we will too! But hurry, offer ends April 15, 2014. 

Orthodontic Specialists of Florida open in Miami Lakes

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

By Roselind Romero, The Miami Laker staff
Miami Lakes Orthodontic Staff

Dr. Palacios and his Staff of the Miami Lakes Office

Orthodontist Dr. Piero G. Palacios and his staff invite the community to the grand opening event on Monday, March 17, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at a new Miami Lakes office for the Orthodontic Specialists of Florida. The office is located at 16010 N.W. 57 Avenue, Suite 106 and 108. Grand opening promotions will include matching down payments and a 32″ HDTV.

The Miami Lakes branch of Orthodontic Specialists of Florida is led by Palacios, a recognized leader in the field of orthodontics. He completed his Master’s in Dental Science and Graduate Certificate in Orthodontics at the University of Connecticut where he also served as chief resident. (more…)

2014 Patient Referral Program

Introducing our NEW Patient Referral Program!reff2014

For every New Patient Referral we will give you a $100 Visa Gift Card* or $100 Credit towards your account!*

For every 5 New Patient Referrals we will let you choose ONE of the following:*

  • $250 Visa Gift Card
  • Beats by Dr. Dre®
  • iPad mini®
  • Gaming system
*Some exclusions apply including, but not limited to, appliance only cases or limited treatment. Offer valid for new referred patients only. Credit is applied or Gift Card is issued the month after the referred patient is fitted with braces. Program subject to change without notice.
Beats by Dr. Dre® and iPad mini® are registered trademarks.


Winning a New Grin

In conjunction with Orthodontic Month of October, Orthodontic Specialists of Florida held an on-line video contest asking anyone wanting a beautiful new grin to get creative and submit their best video demonstrating why they wanted to win braces. Valued at $6,500, the contest winner was announced on November 11, 2013.
“Win A New Grin puts the emphasis on getting a great new smile, which is the goal at Orthodontic Specialists of Florida for everyone in our patient family,” said Michael Andersen, Vice President. “This new contest puts braces within reach for anyone so we encourage contestants to be unique and have fun with their video.”











The winning video was created and submitted by a contestant from New Port Richey, FL.

Winning Video:

Dental Tip: Bad Breath

Bad breath affects how you feel about yourself, not to mention how others perceive you. In fact, you may not know you have halitosis until a brave friend tells you.

How can you tell if you have bad breath? A simple way is to stick a clean finger in your mouth and scrape saliva from the back of your tongue. Put it on the back of your hand, wait a minute, then smell your hand. Is it something you’d want to kiss?

5 Common Causes of Bad Breath

  1. Bacteria. Bacteria breed inside your mouth and stagnate between your teeth and cover your tongue, multiply and give off toxins and stinky odors.
  2. Tonsils. The deep holes in your tonsils, called crypts, are a common cause of halitosis. If your tonsils are too wide and pitted substances can collect in the holes and may cause bad breath. (more…)