How to avoid overpaying for a perfect smile

By Alan D. Shoopak, D.M.D.

For over 30 years, Orthodontic Specialists of Florida and has prided itself on establishing trust with every patient by being honest and professional when it comes to cost and care. Now with the addition of Dental Specialists of Florida you should expect no less from our Total Specialty Smile Care Group. Treating and maintaining your smile should not break the bank if you are dealing with the right group of licensed and certified doctors. The biggest complaint we hear when inheriting a disgruntled patient from another practice is overpaying for care and being hit with hidden service fees upon checkout. These two issues can and should be avoided, but you have to know the right questions to ask your Dentist or Orthodontist. Here are some tips and important points to bear in mind before agreeing to undergo treatment:

Excessive treatment and billing. We only treat what is medically necessary, safe, effective and, most importantly, only what the patient has given consent to treat. Remember, as the patient you have the power to approve or deny any and all treatment. Although many Dentists and Orthodontists are ethical, the most common and widely reported Dental and Orthodontic scam is to inflate insurance claims by delivering worthless or unnecessary treatment, which increases patient out-of-pocket costs. If you feel like your Dentist or Orthodontist is treating you like an ATM, get another opinion. You are always welcome to call, email or visit our websites to make an appointment for our trusted, expert insight. There’s nothing we cannot ‘straighten’ out for you.

Be a proactive patient. We were the first Orthodontic practice in Florida to post the price for braces, and we continue to uphold our group-wide commitment to share treatment prices, discounts and care plans with every Dental and Orthodontic patient. You deserve the whole truth, and should feel empowered to ask for a pre-estimate of costs before any treatment is performed. This should include what your Dental Insurance Plan and/or Policy will and will not cover, as well as what the total out-of-pocket costs that we can control in-house will be. Our Total Specialty Smile Care Group provides a detailed treatment summary for both Dental and Orthodontic care. It is always outlined, discussed and planned with our patients.

We enjoy making people feel better and, most of all, giving them the confidence to smile more. We believe that starts with creating the best treatment experience possible, and honoring our 100-percent commitment to caring for you and your family. We know you work hard for your money and that you’re placing a great deal of trust in our hands when you choose Orthodontic Specialists of Florida and Dental Specialists of Florida. Be assured that we are a Statewide Group that exhibits consistent and documented Professional conduct on a daily basis.

About Alan D. Shoopak, D.M.D.

Dr. Shoopak is the founder of Orthodontic Specialists of Florida and Dental Specialists of Florida, a statewide group of Dentistry and Orthodontic centers treating children, adults and seniors. He attended the University of Tampa, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston in 1982, and earned his Orthodontic Certificate in 1984. Dr. Shoopak is a member of the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, the Southern Association of Orthodontists and the Florida Association of Orthodontists, as well as other local, regional and national Dental Associations. He is also the creator of Shoo Goo™ Dental & Braces Relief Gel — a potent, safe, natural, preservative-free, gluten-free, easily absorbed, plant and essential oil-based gel that works fast to fight oral aches, discomfort and inflammation, made in the USA.